English translation of « Irréelle » lyrics

Unreal (Irréelle)

Impossible meeting in a virtual world
I spent all days thinking only about the one
Whom all my nights carried away when that pleasure was born
(Pleasure) She would have eluding me and thus punishing me

And her body in front of me, arched, voluptuous
Unaware in its trance that it wore my life out
Raw outlines, naked shadow I eyed greedily
I was taken in this mysterious frenzy

And I gazed at her in my intoxication of her
Desire, an agony and a delight at the same time
I couldn’t touch her, she wasn’t real
I only covered myself with her sad long quivers

The dreamer will never sleep
Kiss your eyes and finish my life

Paul Fiction / Kristian Dernoncourt

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