Today is a great day
Today everybody must be happy
Tonight the priests are to pray
Tonight the crowd will be…pleased
Today is a very nice one
The sun is shining high in the sky
Today everybody must be happy
Or…they have to try…
Today are burning the heretics
A death blow whistles as a jovial wind
Flesh is tender for that sacrifice
Blood is sweet on this perfect day
A feast is given we kill the damned
Quarted alive and drowned like pigs
The King is happy under his crown
The Queen is coming under the King
Young naked maids are given to the Lords
They will be put in chains to be violated
They will be humiliated
Then they will be slaves for the Kingdom
Terror is our device We live in a very terrific world
Supplice…is our pleasure
You are not in a strange world
Aujourd’hui c’est jour de fête
Les prêtres vont prier
Les gens…sont heureux
Ou font semblant de l’être

(Kristian Dernoncourt)

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