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Brutal Killing

Brutal Killing When eyes can hit (eyes in my eyes) Like a brutal killing When words can hurt (spit it in my hears) Like a brutal killing When hate can scream (painful heart) Like a brutal killing When death can’t come (You’d like ….) …. a brutal killing In love action (some expect) Brutal killing […]

English translation of « Mirroirs underground » lyrics

Underground mirrors (Mirroirs underground) My own reflection is cast Into a virtual imaginary fantasy world. But who’s hiding at the front of the platform ? The train is leaving the station I wait for the standing mirror That will get my reason confused A fraction of time A dash of seconds Then I see people […]

English translation of « Distance du silence » lyrics

Distance of silence (Distance du silence) I take her silence I acquiesce but… It deafens me and I lick The gaping wound of her absence I make up for it, I exort myself Doing mischiefs Devoid of all caution I act … wrongly How far can I exaggerate Without taking the risk of breaking The […]

English translation of « La foule sage » lyrics

The quiet crowd (la foule sage) They merge into the quiet crowd …seemingly… It draws aside They walk through the door To the exhorting hum They push their way through the quiet crowd The quiet crowd …seemingly… Darkness and the number Stray hands Under hitched up cloth Flesh brushing against each other Frantic minds Tensions […]

English translation of « Irréelle » lyrics

Unreal (Irréelle) Impossible meeting in a virtual world I spent all days thinking only about the one Whom all my nights carried away when that pleasure was born (Pleasure) She would have eluding me and thus punishing me And her body in front of me, arched, voluptuous Unaware in its trance that it wore my […]

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