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The Last Day Of Joy

The Last Day Of Joy Last night in the town I leave my friends Lost night in that town I leave my ground Drinking sweet alcohol Breathing smoky air Listening to noisy musics Laughing for everything I laugh at everyone I watch lovers Alone under a dark light I spy I’m a spy tonight I’m […]

Your white face with the red lips

Your white face with the red lips Where are you ? Early morning sounds Of the city Somewhere off, the other tracks I realize The smells of modernity The dreamy words Connecting industry With my poetry Your white face with the red lips I was recalling your beauty In the uniform Paul Fiction

Distance du silence

Distance du silence J’encaisse son silence J’acquiesce, mais … Il m’assourdit et je panse La plaie béante de son absence Je compense, je me dépense … En travers Dispensé de toute prudence J’agis … de travers. Quelle distance exagérer ? Quelle distance exagérer ? Sans risquer de casser Le pont que j’enjambe, Quelle distance exagérer […]


Irréelle Impossible rencontre en un monde virtuel Je passais tous mes jours à ne penser qu’à celle Qu’emportaient toutes mes nuits où naissait ce plaisir Qu’elle aurait de me fuir et ainsi me punir Et son corps devant moi, cambré, voluptueux Ignorait dans sa transe qu’il y épuisait ma vie Contours bruts, ombre nue dévorés […]

Noomo de xut

Noomo de xut Another flight. Midenite stroll. Seeding the clouds. In a maner of speaking. The funeral of a friend. Next to nothing. A drowning. Flying again. Spirits & ghosts. Watching the blood flow. Invocation of. Incubus. A home away. In heaven. Break the rules. Flying again Dark temple Flying again Dream flight Flying again […]

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