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Sade…Sade…divin Sade…ô viens Sur l’autel froid de l’église La nappe froisse sous ses doigts Le crucifix à l’entremise De ses cuisses et de la soie Mariée jarretière démise Soumise au curé en émoi Il écarte alors la promise Et laisse en elle aller…LA FOI ! Sade…supplicie-moi ! Sade…crois-moi ! Sade…suis-je trop sage ? Sade…suis-je trop fade ? La belle au […]

16 Years

A day I saw a sad man So old in his broken mind Love was really a poison for him I think he’d lost the dreams Sixteen years… sixteen years Sixteen years… in a secret hope Sixteen years in a secret hope Sixteen years of pleasures and pain Sixteen years at the end to drop […]


I am a prisoner I’m a prisoner I am a prisoner Just one prisoner No provocation No exhibition No demonstration I’m just a prisoner Tomorrow I’ll die There’ll be no tears in your eyes Tomorrow I’ll die I’ll never kill again No more exciting lady Dead on a bloody red bed Never dreaming of sexual […]

Night Effect

Near the stones, under the sun I reach the sand, beginning to run Like a bird with unusual wings I shout my tears, sad, sad, sad and sing Sad and sing I’ve been waiting, waiting Still in life I’m still waiting for Reality of dreams… With the night effect Stay with me, in the sunshine […]

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